>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

The SPD I mentioned earlier is officially starting to beat me down. 

I really do hate being a complainer, especially since everything else about my pregnancy is honestly perfect and normal and couldn't-be-better.  I'm one of "those" women who actually likes being pregnant.  But the pelvic pain I'm dealing with is starting to become unbearable and is having a seriously negative effect on my quality of life. I can't get out of my office chair without doubling over in pain, I can no longer stand on one foot to put my pants on, and getting in and out of the car - or bed - is pure torture.  And I've still got between 11 - 16 weeks to go, kids (for those confused about my math, 37 - 42 weeks is considered a "full term" pregnancy).

So, after work, we're heading to Babies R Us (a.k.a. Baby Walmart... kill me now) to check out a Maternity Support Belt:

Boyoboy, if that isn't the sexiest thing I've ever seen, I don't know what is!  It also looks REALLY Philly summer-friendly (note the dripping sarcasm).  However, if it helps relieve - even remotely - the pain I'm experiencing, it will be the most amazing ugly underthing I've ever owned.

We're also considering a donut for me at work.  Yes, pregnant is the new 85.

... still, if this is the only pregnancy woe I deal with, I will be a lucky woman.  I'm healthy, the baby is healthy, and I know my discomfort will be more than worth it in about 3 months.


anotherfineproductfrom June 24, 2010 at 7:15 PM  

Oh, the "V2 supporter combo" is WAY hotter than that!

Hope it helps things feel better!

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