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>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm on my last "big" work trip before the baby comes, and it's a good thing!  Even at 20 weeks, the travel and just plain not being at home is starting to get to me.  Plus, not being able to enjoy beer with my BBQ just puts a bit of a damper on the whole BBQ experience.  ;-)

There have been a lot more strangers noticing - or, at least, feeling comfortable commenting - on my pregnancy.  Countless people on this trip have asked me when I'm due, and most following with "a boy or a girl?"  It's amazing how interested people seem in our baby's genitalia.  Also, I think it's weird.  But, I guess it's just one of those cliche "things you say to a pregnant lady."  I don't mind.  I kind of like that people seem to be nicer to me, and more interested in me.  People are friendlier when they notice you're expecting a baby, or so it would seem in my experience so far... and you know what?  I like friendly people a whole lot more than nasty ones.  So, I'm going to enjoy it.  In fact, when I was waiting in line to check my luggage at PHL, a Delta staffer came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and asked "just that one bag, ma'am?"  I nodded, and she promptly escorted me out of line to an empty row of check-in kiosks and took care of me right away.  It certainly wasn't necessary, but it was sure nice!

Aside from some craziness at some of the schools I've visited this week, the trip has been nice overall.  My colleagues and I ate a wonderful meal at a little hidden gem of an Italian restaurant on Monday night.  The best part of my meal was the salad: a sort of glorified wedge with goat cheese, grapefruit segments, macadamia nuts, and a honey drizzle.  *drool.*  Last night I went to see Disney's Ocean and was the only person in the theatre.  I have to say... the"private screening" was awesome!  And tonight we're all catching a minor league baseball game together.  Memphis Redbirds v. the Portland Beavers.  I'll be shouting "go Beavs!" for my sister.  And because it's funny. 

Anyway, the trip has been pretty decent.  But I miss my home, and I miss my sweetie pie...

(A new dress and some fun hotel window back lighting... I couldn't resist.  Thanks for indulging me!)
P.S. She may or may not be called Sophie.  We might have jumped the gun a little on that one, folks.  I think we'll have to wait to meet her, so stay tuned for her name in October.  For now, she's baby girl.  :)


Bette May 12, 2010 at 6:43 PM  

Sounds like--with the Redbirds game and the BBQ--you might be in my parts down South. That Italian restaurant sounds fantastic, and I want that salad.

Angie Tabaczynski May 12, 2010 at 7:12 PM  

Wrong "Beavs" but hey still a Portland team! Glad you are having a great trip! Changing her name.....must hear more. :)


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